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Cassava 70% Öko-Caribe

Cassava 70% Öko-Caribe

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This chocolate bar is made with a special Dominican ingredient: Cassava. Cassava is made from the manioc root and was already eaten by the Tainos. Still today it is part of the daily alimentation in the Dominican Republic. Our cassava comes from a small artisanal producer Doña Mechi and is made of 100% manioc.

The cacao used for this bar comes from Öko-Caribe, located in Pimentel in the Duarte province, the largest cacao growing region in the country. Öko-Caribe maintains a close relationship with over 150 small farmers in the region providing training and organic certification support.

The tasting notes of this chocolate are dried fruits.

Ingredients: organic cacao, cane sugar, cassava, sea salt



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