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Definite Chocolate is the first Dominican chocolate-maker to win international awards, winning 2 bronze medals for our 70% and 80% dark chocolate from the Academy of Chocolate’

  • Great Taste Award BRONZE

    80% dark Öko-Caribe

  • International Chocolate Awards SILVER

    55% cashew mylk CARAMELIZED ALMONDS Valdez Cacao

  • Paris Gourmet AVPA BRONZE

    75% dark DOMINICAN RUM Finca Elvesia

    65% dark COFFEE & SEA SALT Finca Elvesia

  • Dominican Chocolate Award SILVER

    57% cashew mylk MACADAMIA Biocafcao

  • Academy of Chocolate Award SILVER

    70% dark CASSAVA Öko-Caribe

    65% dark COFFEE & SEA SALT Finca Elvesia

  • Academy of Chocolate Award BRONZE

    70% dark Öko-Caribe

    80% dark Öko-Caribe

    100% dark Zorzal

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