About Us

Small batch craft chocolate, made in country of origin

At Definite Chocolate we produce craft chocolate in country of origin. In small batches we produce specialty chocolate naturally, by using only fine-flavored cacao from the Dominican Republic. Our factory is located in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, where we transform organic single origin and single estate cacao with the utmost care into our award-winning line of chocolates and other cacao-based products.

Ethical, organic and direct traded cacao

By sourcing only organic cacao directly from local producers and building good relationship with our suppliers we ensure that only the best and finest cacao beans arrive at our factory. We work closely with the farmers, who grow, harvest, ferment and dry the single origin cacao, to improve the cacao quality constantly and support the businesses and livelihoods of the local Dominican farmers.

Caribbean experience and supporting the local industry

At Definite Chocolate we use only the necessary ingredients, no additional aroma or additives are used. That way we ensure that you taste what you eat. By using cacao from different regions of the Dominican Republic you can experience a travel through the country only by enjoying our chocolates.

We use only ingredients which are grown in the Dominican Republic to make your chocolate experience unique. That way we support the local industry as well.

How everything began

The journey of Definite Chocolate began with Jens, who is an industrial engineer and worked for 10 years in energy efficiency projects in Germany. After taking a chocolate bon bon workshop in Frankfurt he started making his own creations as a hobby. But when he tasted single origin craft chocolates for the first time at the Salon du Chocolat in Cologne he really fell in love with craft chocolate and his dream about making chocolate from the scratch grew more and more. Only a few years later, after moving to the Dominican Republic, he started his dream at home. Little by little he learned about the process, learned about how to evaluate fine cacao and got in contact with cacao producers he still works with. In 2018 he moved the production from home to small space and only one year later he moved again to a 120 square meter space where the factory is still located.